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Reputable Brands Make a Difference

Around the Kitchen Table... Outside

Home is where we gather with friends and family and feel a sense of belonging and fun. “Around the kitchen table” has always been a phrase used to signify a cozy family space where memories are made and carefree conversations take place – day in, day out.

By Susan Shalhoub

            Denise Anderson of St. Petersburg had those feelings about the home she happily lived in for over 20 years. On the water, the property was beautiful, scenic and comfortable. She and her husband’s two Labrador Retrievers enjoyed watching birds and boats go by each day.

            But there was still a disconnect between the indoors and outdoors they were looking to bridge – to bring more of that “around the kitchen table” mood to their outdoor space.

            The Andersons began discussing the idea of an outdoor kitchen/bar, fireplace and lounge area to extend the home they loved even more into the outdoors. They had their roof line extended to create a seamless, covered space and had a pool installed. They dreamed of nights watching the fire, relaxing with loved ones as they enjoyed meals together outdoors. Possibility was on the horizon. The next step was finding Premier Outdoor Living & Design, to truly extend their home with quality appliances and expert planning.

            “We did some homework and found they are the best,” said Denise Anderson about Premier Outdoor Living & Design. “Their selections are excellent. And as it turns out, they were fabulous. The granite people doing the countertops would sometimes be here until after dark, making sure everything was just right.” 

            Reputable brands make a difference

            Premier Outdoor Living & Design Project Manager Lewis Thibeault, a state-certified contractor for over 16 years, says quality appliances and materials rounded out the successful project at the Anderson home. A Carol Rose fireplace with LED color-changing lights, for example, creates an atmosphere of magic. The Alfresco Versa sink – “more of a cocktail station,” said Lewis, makes poolside entertaining feel like the finest hotels – while the best backyard cuisine originates from an Alfresco grill, double side burner and vent hood; with a Perlick brand ice maker and beverage center keeping everyone cool. Endura polymer cabinetry provides elegant storage solutions.

            But working in tandem during an evening cocktail party, family barbecue or pool party – all that stands out is the unified vibe of convenience, luxury and enjoyment these brands deliver.

            Whether installing pavers, pavilions, pergolas, screen enclosures, outdoor kitchens, fire features or water features at homes or commercial properties, they are hands-on.

            “We are a small, family-sized business, which helps us stay focused,” Lewis said.

            “One day I came out while things were underway at my house and saw a worker I hadn’t seen before and introduced myself,” said Anderson. “It was Lewis. He was out here himself – the project manager and owner – getting all into the nitty gritty.”

            With work done, Anderson said her dogs loved checking out the new outdoor space, complete with furniture. Family and friends have been by for gatherings.

            “It’s like I have a whole other room now,” she said. “I am still in awe when I see it.”