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Advertiser Testimonials

Advertiser Testimonials

Lewis Thibeault - Premier Outdoor Living & Design

I would like to say thanks to the team at “The Florida Home Magazine” for the quality magazine they produce. I have been advertising with Kari and “The Florida Home Magazine” for many years. They have a wonderful team that includes a high-quality content writer, and a Top Notch Photographer. Kari is forever obsessing about the layout and content of her magazine. She never settles for an “OK” article.

Tara Clinton - Abby Iron Doors

As a first time advertiser with Florida Home magazine winter issue 2021, I’m blown away!  Over the last five years that I have been with Abby Iron Doors we have advertised with magazines, postcards, flyers, etc.  When I stumbled upon Florida Home magazine I was actually looking for The Home Mag, however after talking to Kari we thought, let’s give it a try.

New Horizons

Hi Kari,
I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how happy we are to be advertising in Florida Home Magazine. We have been advertising with you for about a year now, and I wish we had started sooner! You started reaching out to me back in 2017, and it took me more over a year (of your persistence) to give it a try, and I am so glad we did!

"We wish all of our relationships were this easy"..

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at Florida Home Magazine for the fantastic work you do on our advertising campaigns in your publications. I appreciate your taking the time to listen to our needs and assist us in the best options to get our message across effectively.

Gorilla Garage

Thank you for the card - "one of a kind". Like your magazines, Kari you're truly unique in that you take the time to find out how your clients feel about the results, stay engaged, and appreciate the relationship you have with them. Couldn't be more pleased with everything you've done. You absolutely have the best home improvement style publication on the market! Not just saying that.

Premier Outdoor Living & Design

Future Advertising Prospect: I have been advertising with The Florida Home Magazine for a short while and the results have been great! The quality of the editorial type of advertising has been wonderful! The exposure has made a impact in the community, and the quality of the leads have been on par. The return on my investment is WELL WORTH IT! Kari has been wonderful to work with, and her customer service is better than expected.