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Rock-Solid Experts

Design Excellence Underfoot

Great things come from strong foundations.

By Susan Shalhoub

Those strong foundations – in the form of what’s underfoot, where we get grounded – come from Paving Crew, serving the Sarasota and Tampa Bay areas with natural stone and brick paver driveways, patios, pool decks and outdoor kitchens. Whether it’s maneuvering your luxury car onto your property, walking out to your patio to water plants, or preparing a dive into the pool, pavers provide solid footing for all we want to do.

            With this quality result comes full commitment to each Paving Crew client.

            Rock-solid experts

            Paving Crew prides themselves in their great service before and after installation, said Antonio Oliveira, general manager. “Our main focus is to provide an overall great experience,” he said. “We aim for quality, start to finish, with not just a good product, but also sending a salesperson out who takes the time to work with each client on design, material options, ideas and how to improve the area, while staying within budget.”

            The team at Paving Crew knows that their clients don’t choose pavers every day. They are happy to provide personalized attention and help them narrow down the options, whether it’s marble or travertine (both natural stones imported from Turkey) or any of the many paver design colors, shapes and sizes.

            It can seem overwhelming, but Antonio and the Paving Crew team are pros at filtering the information down into what is most crucial: How the material looks, comfort, durability and maintenance.

            “Marble, for instance, has a coolness when you step on it and is easier to maintain,” he explained. “Depending on the project, pavers might be more cost-effective, especially if you need specific colors not found in nature.”

            Paving Crew’s 5,000-square-foot showroom in Sarasota is a hub of possibilities. There, clients can meet with custom paver specialists and see samples of the many pavers and stone materials that could be used in their home’s outdoor space.

            Then, stone or paver picking gets personal.

            “We ask how they plan to use the area,” Antonio said. “Paving Crew wants to know what they are going to do there, for instance, will there be a rounded table here? Because we want to use the space in a way it won’t be wasted. We want it to look good and be useful for them.”

            Once pavers are chosen and installed, Paving Crew offers sealant maintenance as well. Its application protects stone and pavers from staining. It’s a final touch to keep their investment in good shape.

            Keeping some options of natural stone and cement pavers in stock is another way Paving Crew ensures clients get a superior experience. It means quicker delivery to work sites rather than waiting for orders to be shipped.

            Just as pavers fit together in a walkway, pool deck or driveway design, so too does Paving Crew fit together all the elements of service to ensure your project is delivered on time, to your specifications, in a way that best meets your needs.