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Wisdom for the Season

Experienced Ally in a Storm

He has seen it here in Florida time and time again. Starting out as a laborer in the tree industry before starting his own company 12 years ago, Eddie O’Brien of O’Brien’s Tree Service and Stump Grinding knows it’s important to be proactive before a hurricane is forecast.

By Susan Shalhoub

            He knows that tree companies’ schedules get full as hurricanes approach. Customers may have to wait up to three weeks longer to have potentially dangerous branches and limbs removed.

            (He remembers Hurricane Irma, when the O’Brien’s Tree Service phone would ring 50 times a day.)

            Where it pays to know when to call for preventative trimming and limb removal sooner rather than later, it benefits homeowners to call the right tree company, as well – one with the correct tools and experience to get the job done right.

            After heading out on his own, Eddie started out with just a bucket truck and chipper. But now, with six employees and a full fleet of trucks and equipment, “We can remove hazardous trees, such as trees that have holes in them, or are completely dead, in a safe manner, even if they are in a place that’s hard to access,” Eddie said. “There is a safe way to remove any tree, and to do it without damaging someone’s yard, roof or property, if you have the knowledge and the right equipment.”

            Along with Eddie’s knowledge and equipment, of course, comes the O’Brien’s Tree Service work standards he and his crews follow: Arriving on time; offering free and honest estimates; and cleaning up debris (with detritus fully recycled).

            Wisdom for the season

            Having trees trimmed and hazardous ones removed before hurricane season is always preferable, said Eddie, especially if a tree is showing signs of decay. Decay means that the structure of a tree is weakened, positioning it for potential problems such as limb breakage. Broken limbs and total tree failure could cause damage to your home, vehicle or boat.

            Potential signs of decay to watch for, according to Eddie:

•           Bees around a tree. This means there is a cavity inside that the bees are living within, compromising the tree.

•           Mushrooms growing on or around the outside of the tree: Another indicator of rot.

•           Peeling bark. This allows for decay to occur, causing damage to the structural wood of the tree. 

            A call to O’Brien’s means more than great service from a reputable tree company. It also means customers get the knowledge of a certified arborist.

            “I always try and educate my customers,” said Eddie, whether that means letting them know that oak trees, pine trees and other hardwoods don’t need annual care; that removing more than a third of a tree’s canopy can be counterproductive when a hurricane is forecast, or that removing limbs off a mature tree could jeopardize its health.

            It’s O’Brien’s Tree Service’s commitment to quality – along with honest answers and information – that make them an important partner in property maintenance.