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Paving Crew

Get the Pool Deck & Patio of Your Dreams

Both Odail “JR” Rodriguez and Edson Bessa arrived in Sarasota over 20 years ago, with similar visions of opening a custom paver company. They met through the area’s Brazilian community and played soccer in a local league, and when they discussed their individual business plans, they decided it made sense to work together to start a new paver company that would be unlike anything else on Florida’s West Coast.

            That dream became a reality in November 2003, when JR and Edson opened Paving Crew, Inc. The company started out in Edson’s garage, and then moved into a tiny office space. Less than a year later, Paving Crew would move into its current 5,000 square feet showroom — the first ever in Sarasota.

            Prior to the opening of Paving Crew’s showroom, all of the area’s paver companies would use one shared manufacturer showroom to show customers their paver options. It was not an ideal situation.

            “It was not a private place where you could talk to your customers,” says JR. “I said to my partner, ‘We should have our own.’”

            For nearly 20 years now, Paving Crew has provided their customers with unique, customized outdoor spaces, as well as outstanding customer service. Prior to Paving Crew’s arrival on the scene, paving companies mostly provided just quick-fix jobs, like driveways and patios, without a lot of attention to detail.

            “Many times, customers come to us with bad experiences [with other companies],” JR says, “and after we finish the job, they are so thrilled. What sets us apart from our competition is we are more customized, higher quality, and provide good customer service. Our customers feel like they know us, and they can trust us.”

            By visiting Paving Crew’s showroom, customers can see for themselves the countless possibilities of how custom outdoor kitchens, brick pavers and natural stone can transform their outdoor spaces into spectacular, customized living areas.

            “We are a custom company, so we like to take care of the details and do custom things,” JR says. “We’re very creative, and we’re always finding new alternatives and styles to beautify your home.”

            Give Paving Crew a call and visit their showroom to see for yourself. They will make sure that the outdoor spaces of your dreams can truly become a reality.