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Premier Pools of Central Florida

Best Quality, Great Design

By Ilyne Hayes

Pool Designed by Andres Acevedo

Designing and building a top-quality custom swimming pool takes a lot of knowledge, skill, and hard work. While many designers have innate artistic skills, a good designer should know how to think “outside the box” to interpret the client’s tastes and wishes so that the finished product will reflect just that. Understanding proportion is very important, so that the pool area aligns with the scale and layout of the house and yard. A good designer should be familiar with all local building codes and permitting restrictions. Knowing the operation of the pools and spas, and the various functions of upgraded plumbing, water and lighting features, is necessary. A great designer should have all these skills and knowledge, plus the expertise of a well-established, reputable pool company to construct the designer’s plans into reality.

Andres Acevedo has been a successful swimming pool designer with Premier Pools of Central Florida, Inc. (PPCF) for over a decade, with the aforementioned qualifications that make him great at what should be considered a very complex and at times, difficult, job.

Andres, however, doesn’t think of his job as difficult. On the contrary, he has stated that he feels that working for PPCF is easy.

“Because of the owners’ integrity, I’m able to not worry about the people I work with, everything they do, and the products and services they provide. I know that they always do what’s right for our clients. Premier Pools of Central Florida has, during its twenty-seven years in business, earned its stellar reputation, and that is what makes my job easy.”

An ongoing, eight-year relationship with Valdara Custom Homes is also part of what makes Andres feel like his job is easy. He works closely with the builder during the home’s construction to come up with ideas for the pool’s design, and later, meets with the new homeowner to make final selections.

Designing this Winter Park home, Andres had several considerations, including allowing for plenty of shallow space for the children to play, while leaving a comfortable amount of deeper area for the adults to swim. Valdara Custom Homes also emphasized that the home was designed so that there would be a clear view directly from the entry of the house, all the way through to several large windows at the back, which suggested placement for the spa. There were drainage considerations due to property slopes and setbacks, so Andres had to get extra creative on how to design this pool so that it was simple, yet had style and flow, but didn’t appear to be crammed into the limited space.

The end result was this very modern, geometric pool and spa that gave the new homeowner all the features they wanted, including colored LED bubblers in the sunshelf, and a long shallow trough that connects the spa to the pool, giving the children additional play space.

“This pool was built to have the least amount of maintenance, and to give the owners peace of mind,” Andres said. “All of the equipment is top of the line and Energy-Star rated. We installed the Omnilogic Automation System which controls the pump, lights, and heater through Alexa or a phone app. With the Sense and Dispense System that was added, the homeowner never has to worry about the water’s pH and chlorine levels.”