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Paver Crew Flooring Solutions

Caring Makes the Difference

By Ilyne Hayes

With Florida’s abundance of sunshine and perfect pool weather, our decks and patios get a lot of use and a lot of wear, making them look dirty, tired, and out of date. When it’s time to bring your outside entertaining and play area back to life, the question is where to start?

The best answer is Paving Crew. With a 5,000 square foot showroom, including an outdoor space installed with a myriad of idea-inducing vignettes, Paving Crew is far from the typical stone and paver yard. The showroom is staffed with helpful, knowledgeable personnel, whose goal is to assist you in finding the perfect high-quality materials and design to fit your home’s architecture, your budget, and lifestyle.

Their unique showroom with their accommodating staff is not the only difference that earned Paving Crew the award of Best Paving Company in 2021, and an A+ rating from the BBB. They directly import stone and marble pavers, which allows them to offer their customers high-end finishes at more reasonable prices. They also created the box drain, an improved drainage system for pool decks. Recently, they added a stainless steel option to their box drain, which adds a bit of panache, and becomes an integral part of the deck’s design.

The biggest difference that sets Paving Crew miles ahead of all other paver companies is how they care about their clients’ property and satisfaction, and the manner and steps they take to reach that result.

When you call Paving Crew for an appointment and free estimate, either the owner, JR, or another qualified staff member will come to your house to examine your property, take measurements, discuss your preferences, make a sketch of the ideas that were discussed, and thoroughly explain the process of the work to be done. They take the time to make sure that your questions are answered so that there will be no unmet expectations.

Afterward, Paving Crew will email a proposal, along with an invitation to come to their showroom to finalize your paver selection. Before any money exchanges hands, they go over all the details of what you will be ordering, material and labor warranties, what to expect with your selected materials, and the process involved with installing your new deck. All of this information is given to you in writing, keeping you completely informed.

Paving Crew’s care for their customers extends into their expert installation process. They lay plywood on your lawn wherever their machinery could potentially leave marks. All doorways, windows, outdoor kitchens, etc. are carefully wrapped in plastic, and a floating cover is placed over your pool to reduce the amount of dust and debris.

After the installation is complete, your deck will look fresh and bright, and all construction debris will be removed from your pool, leaving it ready for regular maintenance.

“We take these extra steps because we deeply care about our customers’ satisfaction,” JR stated. “Caring makes the difference.”