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From Dull to Dazzling, Floundering to Functional

From Dull to Dazzling, Floundering to Functional

by Jill Cousins
Home design by Larissa Hicks
Photography by Rickie Agapito, Aofotos

In 2019, S&W Kitchens’ district manager, Larissa Hicks, helped a Dunedfamily beautifully transform their 5,600-square-foot home with a huge renovation project. It started in the kitchen and soon transitioned into a complete makeover of the home’s interior and exterior. After months of work, with the project close to completion, the homeowners asked Larissa to take a look at the one place that had yet to be updated: the pool house.

When Larissa walked inside, she discovered what was basically a dark, dingy 800-square-foot storage space with a pool table in the middle of the main room and some unused exercise equipment scattered around.

“It was supposed to be an overflow entertaining space, but they really weren’t using it,” Larissa said. “It was a very dark, dimly lit room that looked quite crowded. It was like part workout room, part living room, part game room. It wasn’t being utilized, and there was no sense or rhyme or reason to the place.”

Larissa was excited that the homeowners gave her the freedom to design another space for them. Teaming with Norm Cullen of Cullen Construction, who contracted her for the original renovation, Larissa designed a stylish, elegant lounge that more closely resembled a modern loft studio apartment than a practically useless storage space.

“They trusted my judgment,” Larissa said, “and they basically said, ‘Larissa, you show us what looks amazing!’”

About six months later when the project was completed, the homeowners were “over-the-moon excited” about their new space.

Larissa replaced almost everything inside the loft, except for the spiral staircase, and brightened up the space with updated lighting, white walls, and two stunning 5x10-foot chandeliers. In addition to beautiful modern furniture and a chic fireplace, Larissa also created a custom bar area, an updated bathroom, an architectural bronze pergola, and an attached outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill.

“They wanted to be able to have intimate gatherings and parties to entertain their friends and family,” Larissa said, “and they wanted to have a beautiful space to do it in.”

Larissa and S&W Kitchens can help you do the same with your home and outdoor space, whether you have a distinct vision of your dream project or have no idea where to start.

“We can turn your dream into reality,” Larissa said. “Our name does not say it all. We don’t just do kitchens; we do entire home renovations. And we are re-imagining spaces that were serving other purposes or, in this case, not serving any purpose at all. It’s just amazing what can be done!”