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Pure Water for Your Lifetime... and Your Life

Pure Water for Your Lifetime... and Your Life

By Ilyne Hayes.
You get home from your morning run feeling a bit sweaty, but pleased, knowing you’re doing what you can to keep yourself fit and healthy. You hop into your shower and let the water beat on your sore muscles for a while before you lather up to get yourself clean for the day ahead.

When you dry off afterward with the towels that seem to be getting rougher with each wash, you notice that your skin feels a bit too dry, your scalp is itchy, your hair isn’t as shiny and manageable as it once was. Even worse, the shower faucet seems to be getting pit marks, and there are spots on your tile and glass shower door that are very difficult to remove.

As troublesome as these things are, the real problem that you don’t see is what that daily, 10-minute shower in city-treated, chlorinated water is doing to your health, as your body absorbs this toxin through your pores.

You spend a small fortune keeping purified bottled water chilled and on hand for your family, because you know that the taste of the water that comes out your faucet is just one clue that the chlorinated water is not all that healthy to imbibe. How could it be? The treatment plants use chlorine to kill living organisms in your water such as bacteria and fungi, and drinking and cooking with water that contains it could be causing ill reactions in you and your family. Instead, you purchase the bottles, which you use with a sense of guilt, thinking about the cost to our ecology, and wondering if the plastic from the bottles is also adversely affecting your family’s health.

Purity Bay Water, with their patented 10-stage filtration system, has been providing clean, pure, sparkling, and gentler water to Tampa Bay and surrounding area homes for more than 20 years. It took a Master Water Specialist using NASA technology to create a patented system that is designed (and warranted) to last a lifetime, with extremely low maintenance. Unlike water systems that are sold by big box stores and other companies, Purity Bay Water features whole-house filtration systems, and they are not interested in profiting from ongoing service calls and replacement parts, which is why they build them to handle all the different types of chemicals and heavy metals, such as arsenic, lead, pesticides and ammonia, that are present in today’s water. Purity Bay Water builds their systems with only top-grade American parts and materials right here in Florida, specifically created for Florida’s water and designed to stand the test of time.

If you are ready to live a healthier, cleaner, lower maintenance, and more ecologically sound way of life, and to have your household appliances last longer and function better, give Purity Bay Water a call. When they visit you, they will happily address any water issues you are having and show you how enjoying the purest water to drink, bathe in, and cook with will actually save you money, while enhancing your life.

I love my Purity Bay water filtration system so much! Knowing that my family is drinking clean, pure water is so important to me and this system is worth every penny! We no longer buy bottled water at all and we have noticed that we are using less soap than we used to, so that saves us money every month. I love being able to shower without smelling chlorine. I love being able to drink water out of the tap without worrying about what’s in it. The system is easy to maintain and has an excellent warranty. I couldn’t be happier!   – Shelly B.