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Mosquito Protection Customized for Your Lifestyle

Mosquito Protection Customized for Your Lifestyle

Almost 20 years ago, Debbie and Al Erturk discovered that their young daughter was highly allergic to mosquito bites. Their choice back then was limited to spraying their yard constantly so that their daughter could go out and play (which is neither time, nor cost-effective), or to deny their child the benefits of outdoor activities and keep her inside. Luckily for all of us, they came up with a third option and created A-NIKS, an automatic misting system that is the most effective way to keep flying insects like mosquitoes and no-see-ums from ruining our enjoyment of the great outdoors

Through years of study and research, A-NIKS has honed their methods of providing the most efficient, effective, and ecologically conscience manner of outdoor pest control in Florida. They are aware that just one type of insecticide with a standardized delivery system will not always give the best results to individual homeowners. Factors such as property located near a body of water or a conservation area may require a different level of protection and treatments than a home located in a more metro area. Treatments also must be adjusted depending on the types of nuisances present.      

Consideration of where and how the outdoor space will be used is a third factor in designing a perimeter misting system.        

A-NIKS systems have a timer set to release a 30 to 45 second spray about three to four times daily, targeting times when pesky insects become most active and creating an invisible screen room in your yard.

The A-NIKS team will custom design the system to target mosquitoes and other nuisance insects where they rest, hide, breed or feed (whenever applicable), effectively interrupting their life cycle, which greatly reduces the future population of pests.

All their automatic systems also come with a convenient “pause” button, which can be used on the occasions when you might be entertaining outside, and you’d rather not have the spray released at that time. The system will automatically reset in eight hours, eliminating your need to remember to re-engage it after your guests have departed.

A-NIKS’ skilled, certified technicians are careful to install the slim-line nozzles in unobtrusive spots wherever possible in order to keep your landscape and view aesthetically pleasing while you enjoy your outdoor space, virtually bug-free!

The enormous success of A-NIKS led the Erturks to explore solutions for other elements that can prevent their Florida clientele from Living Your Fullest Everyday...Outdoors.

In 2021, they took all their outdoor comfort products and solutions, such as cooling and heating, and shade, screening, and structures, along with the A-NIKS mosquito systems, and re-branded as LYFE Outdoor Comfort Solutions. While A-NIKS solves your spider and flying insect problems, Vyzione deals with adding pergolas and other shade structures to your yard, and Ventizio helps you keep your outdoor space temperature comfortable, no matter what time of year. LYFE has a solution to anything that could prevent you from enjoying your outdoor lifestyle in the paradise that is your backyard.