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Bring Indoor Elegance to Your Pool Deck

Bring Indoor Elegance to Your Pool Deck

When it comes time to remodel your patio and pool deck, the options can be perplexing. This is why J.R. and his partner, Edson, had decided to open a 5,000 square foot showroom in Sarasota for their company, Paving Crew. They filled it with a myriad of paving materials and several other options, including a complete outdoor kitchen featuring Summerset appliances. They staffed it with knowledgeable designers and installation technicians who are able offer ideas and guidance in helping you create your custom outdoor haven.

Paving Crew’s showroom is rife with not only the ubiquitous brick pavers of many shapes, colors, and sizes, but they also feature elegant marble and other stone pavers.

“We are installing a lot of marble pool decks,” J.R. said. “People are switching from the standard concrete brick pavers to the elegance of natural marble. Contrary to popular belief, marble pavers are not slippery. They are made with a different texture for better grip. They are a great choice for a pool deck, and it’s a huge transformation in the look and feel of their patio.”

There are many other reasons why people are choosing marble over brick pavers, besides the obvious difference in the look of the materials. In our very warm Florida climate, marble, with its heat-resistant properties, stays cooler underfoot, reflecting the heat from direct sunlight, as opposed to absorbing it. Also, marble is a very dense and strong stone, which means that its luxurious look and feel will last an incredibly long time. Marble pavers give you the option of larger pieces and only need a very thin seam, which means fewer gaps, giving the deck a more contemporary, elegant appearance. Another benefit to having fewer gaps is easier maintenance. A marble deck is easily hosed off, resists staining and bacteria, and it will need much less sand replacement over time. Based on centuries of history, marble will never go out of style, as its look is adaptable to both more traditional as well as more modern homes. Paving Crew offers a choice of two slip-resistant marble paver textures: leather-finished, and sand-blasted, which are available throughout all their many marble varieties.

No matter what type of paver you select, you can be confident that the decades of experience behind Paving Crew will ensure a spectacular result. J.R. and Edson have been front runners in creating better installation techniques, resulting in decks that not only look better, but also are more structurally sound. All of their installation technicians are trained to treat each job as though they were working on their own home, paying great care and attention to details that other companies often miss.

When your patio, pool deck, or sidewalks are in need of an update, let Paving Crew’s custom design service and experienced installers bring indoor elegance to the outside of your home.