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Are your windows performing for you?

Are Your Windows Performing for You?

Here in Florida, everyone knows that along with the roof, garage door and entry doors, windows are highly vulnerable to wind, water entry and flying debris during a hurricane or tropical storm. It’s critical to your safety and your valuable possessions that your home’s windows are not only attractive and energy efficient, but strong and protective as well.

Properly installed windows that meet Energy Star® requirements will also make your home energy efficient and protect your furnishings from UV rays. Quality windows reduce sound transfer and offer intruder protection. It’s a win-win all around, and the best time to get them installed is long before a hurricane threatens, so you can make a calm, informed decision–without also having to deal with the maddening stress of a hurricane bearing down on you. NewSouth Window Solutions is Florida’s only provider of factory direct home windows, offering both energy-efficient and impact-resistant windows and doors in an array of styles. NewSouth custom builds some of the toughest energy-efficient double-pane uPVC windows on the market.

During hurricane season, NewSouth Window Solutions’ iVantage windows and doors give your home the best defense against the high-velocity winds and flying debris carried by storms. Like their popular eVantage glass, their iVantage windows are also energy efficient while providing crystal-clear views to the outdoors. They use Hydroshield technology to repel dirt, so that their windows clean easily, maintaining their clarity.

While hurricanes are a very important consideration when constructing windows for Florida homes, so is turtle nesting season, which begins in April and ends in September, with thousands of hatchlings trying to find their way to the water. Earl Rahn, President of NewSouth Window Solutions, wanted to be ecologically responsible and keep the turtles from being misled by reflections from shiny windows, so he adopted “Turtle Glass 340,” which had been developed by Cardinal Glass in Ocala. This glass is

non-reflective, yet still energy efficient, so that coastal homeowners can enjoy the comfort, safety, efficiency and views that the windows provide, but also rest easy knowing their windows won’t interfere with the baby turtles’ trek to the sea.

Rich Groff, Western Regional President of NewSouth Window Solutions, explained the benefits that they offer their customers, “You’re buying direct from us, so you are getting the best value for the highest quality window in the State of Florida. We give you a lifetime warranty, not prorated, which is the best warranty in the industry. You’ll never have to worry about your doors and windows again.”

NewSouth Window Solutions is known as “The Florida window factory,” and Earl and Rich are happy to say that theirs is the Ultimate Florida Window, Made In Florida, For Florida Homes, By Florida Workers. If you’re ready to invest in the finest windows for a quieter, safer and stronger home, or would like to learn more, call them today at (813) 343-0322 or visit