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Decompression Zone

After touring the world during his five years with the Marine Corps, Mike returned to his Tampa area hometown and purchased a historic 1921 bungalow.

His plans for restoration and remodeling included the previously unattended backyard which had a 14' x 28' deck that was in rough shape.

​Mike had pictured himself enjoying the quiet and privacy of this outdoor space, a place where he could relax surrounded by the mature trees and plants that populated the yard, and have a respite from life’s demands.

​“I’m guessing that the deck hadn’t been used in years,” Mike said. “There was no covering to protect it from the heat or the rain, which made it fairly inhospitable.”

​After talking to several contractors who were not interested in taking on the relatively small job, Mike connected with Kyle at Premier Outdoor Living & Design, a company that has a passion for designing and building outdoor living spaces and cares about the needs of their clients.

​Kyle came out to the house to measure, assess the existing deck, and speak with Mike about his vision. “I wanted a deck that I could enjoy most of the year. There is a huge oak tree that hangs over part of the deck. It rains down leaves in the fall, branches every winter, and tons of pollen every spring. I wanted that part of the deck to be covered with a pitched roof so that everything would slide off it, but I also wanted part of the deck to feel lighter and more open.” 

​Kyle and Mike worked on several ideas, agreeing that two structures, a lodge with a pitched roof over half the space, and a pergola over the other half would achieve the results that Mike was seeking.

​Because the deck was not up to standards, the professionals at Premier Outdoor Living & Design rebuilt it to provide a stable base for the new structures.

​“Working with Kyle and Tony, the construction manager, was great. They went above and beyond, making sure that they were totally responsive to my needs,” Mike said. “The Co-Construct system that Premier Outdoor Living & Design uses made the entire process stress-free for me. Through the portal, I can see exactly where they are in the project, what the timeline is, and check my billing. I can examine my plan and rendering, and easily communicate any questions or concerns I have with them. During the entire construction process, all the workers were professional and got everything done in the time they had said. When all was complete, my backyard looked just like what we had planned. Now, when I’m back there in my decompression zone, I feel like I’m in a different area of the world.”

​Premier Outdoor Living & Design can help you create your own “decompression zone,” whether it’s a stunning outdoor kitchen, fireplace and living room, or simply a cozy corner made shady with a custom-built pergola. Call them today at (813) 518-8182 to see the wonders they can create for you and visit them online at