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Abbey iron doors

Stunning, Unique, and Strong

By Ilyne Hayes
“Our custom iron doors are a piece of art and having one on your front door is like hanging a museum-quality painting in your home,” Tara Clinton, the Florida Design Consultant for Abby Iron Doors, explains.

“The goal is not to ‘match’ your home. The goal is to create unexpected beauty as you approach your front door.”

​Abby Iron Doors is more than a stunning work of art for the entrance into your home. Their iron doors, which have been Florida Hurricane Certified since 2010, provide security that few other doors can match. No one is going to kick in an iron door, and with operable glass on the interior of the door and the scroll to the exterior, you can stay safely in your home while having a conversation or receiving a package with anyone who comes to your door. Also, in the case of a hurricane, you will not have to shutter, and if you’re between two houses, you are able to leave with an extra sense of security. The tight seals afford an extra bonus, which is the ability to keep outside creatures, like snakes and crawling insects, outside.

​Another great benefit to having an Abby Iron Door in your entrance is the unique way you can design the handcrafted iron scrollwork and the style of glass with both clear and distorted options to control how much light you want flowing in, compared to how much privacy you prefer. Selections of the hardware and finish color also make the door uniquely yours. You really get to sit down and design your own door and show your friends and family your masterpiece.

​If your look is more modern and you want to focus on the view outside, Abby Iron Doors also makes Florida Hurricane Certified steel doors with the same attention to durability and craftsmanship. These grid-style doors use SPG glass, which is far stronger than most standard impact glass, and they finish the steel frames with an automotive-like finish for longevity and to protect from Florida weather.

​Whatever your style, Tara will be there to make sure you are getting doors that will delight you. She’ll talk with you to get an idea of the look you are wanting to achieve and have you text or email a photo of your house with your current door. With this information, you will be provided with three options superimposed on your home and a rough estimate. The next step is to sit down together to review finishes, discuss design and take measurements to get you all set with your custom new door.

​“By the time I come out to the client’s home for our two-hour appointment,” stated Tara, “I go over everything very carefully and answer all their questions and concerns. It’s so valuable to sit with the client in their home to get a feel for their home, style, and personality. The view of the door from the inside is important, too. It’s usually the focal point of the space, and when I help clients see this, many times they will amend the design.”

​Tara is excited that soon customer care will be taken up another notch with the opening of a huge Abby Iron Doors facility in Brandon. “We’ve greatly built up our Florida business. Clients ask every day for a showroom, and it was time to grow as a company and to open a new local brick and mortar warehouse, showroom, and office,” Tara explained. “We look forward to growing our Florida team and having a local presence in the Tampa Bay area to better serve our clients.”