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Subterranean Termite Myths and Misconceptions

Termites cause billions in damage annually, with Subterranean termites being considered by the USDA as the “most destructive and economically important pest.” Homeowners may believe they don’t have to worry about Subterranean or Formosan termites because their home is new, or a prior treatment is still working; truth is, new homes are just as vulnerable, and Subterranean termites can enter through unprotected foundation cracks, plumbing, ground-to-wood contact, or even build mud tubes across stucco and block to re-infest a home. Subterraneans can remain undetected for years, costing thousands in repairs that homeowner’s insurance won’t cover.

Protect your home from Subterranean and Formosan termites with an annual protection plan from Safer Home Services. Maintaining a Subterranean termite protection plan keeps the termites out and provides a $1,000,000 warranty for your home should a re-infestation occur. A professional Safer Home Services technician will complete an annual
re-inspection of your home, verify that there is no new activity and renew your protection plan for the following year.

Safer Home Services provides termite, rodent, and pest control services for all of Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco and Manatee counties. If you believe you may have termites, or just want to learn more about protecting your property from future infestations, call Safer Home Services at (727) 800-2992 to schedule your professional, in-home inspection today.