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Paving the Way Home

Written by: Jill Cousins - Photography by: Lens Life Productions

Cookie cutter is a good thing if you’re baking desserts. It’s not necessarily a good thing if you’re choosing brick pavers for your driveway or outdoor space. That’s why Shoreline Stone Manufacturing has created an endless array of stylish and elegant pavers in custom color blends to add a beautiful and unique touch to your home.

“I was talking to one of our customers, who is a distributor and installer, and he said he really loved our product,” said Rick Barnhart, whose family took over the 28-year-old company in July, 2021. “They’re different than the competitors’ pavers, because the colors are more natural and vibrant. Other companies in the industry are making pavers that look identical, and that’s not really the look you want. People like our look because it’s more natural and you can see the variation in the pavers.”

In addition to that beautiful natural look, customers can also get their pavers in a timelier manner from Shoreline Stone Manufacturing, usually in four weeks or less, while many companies can take more than 12 weeks to deliver their products. That’s part of Shoreline’s commitment to better serve their customers, aided by the purchase of an additional press that has allowed the company to more than double production at its Largo manufacturing site and showroom.

In addition to Rick, Shoreline’s owners also include son, Adam and daughter-in-law Yelena, who moved from Connecticut to Florida with their two children to join the family business. Rick’s wife, Laura, and their two other children, Eric and Emily, are also part of the team.

“All of our expectations are panning out,” Adam said, “and we’re fired up to grow this business and make sure we keep our customers happy.”

If you’re looking to beautify your home and extend your outdoor living space, whether by adding exquisite brick pavers to your driveway or pool deck or creating an outdoor kitchen or lanai, Shoreline Stone Manufacturing can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently by supplying the highest quality products in the industry.

“Our factory is kind of like a lab where we want to create the best products possible for our customers,” Yelena said. “At the end of the day, we want to make sure they’re happy.” Shoreline Stone can provide many other beautiful and great-performing products and accessories for all of your hardscape needs.