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Enjoy the Paradise in Your Own Backyard

Written by: Ilyne Hayes - Photography by: Lens Life Productions

You are preparing hors d’oeuvres for the poolside party you’ve planned for later that evening, when your kids run inside complaining that the mosquitoes and
no-see-ums are having a party of their own on your patio. Also, you notice that some darker clouds have started forming, which could mean rain and an uncomfortable drop in temperature just as your guests are arriving. These things might have meant that your party won’t be the success you had planned, except that thanks to your foresight in hiring LYFE Outdoor Comfort Solutions, you know that your guests will be protected from insects and inclement weather, and your gathering will be all you hoped it would be!

LYFE Outdoor Comfort Solutions, which began as A-NIKS Mosquito and No-see-um Systems in 2004, was created by Al and Debbie Erturk as a solution for their young daughter’s severe allergy to insect bites. From this need, they have developed not one, but three different ways to protect your yard from flying insects and spiders: misting systems, which offer either bio-selective, low toxicity spray, or an all-natural non-toxic spray; sprinkler systems, which can also be utilized for automatic lawn fertilization; and a barrier spray, which is perfect for events such as a poolside party, where you want targeted control that works quickly and will continue to keep mosquitoes at bay for weeks.

During the last several years, the company has expanded to include other products that are designed to make their customers’ backyards the year-round paradise that it should be, and then they re-branded so that all their fabulous products and services are now under the LYFE Outdoor Comfort Solutions banner. Besides A-NIKS Mosquito Systems, they also manufacture outdoor heating and cooling systems that are part of their Ventizio line, and through their Vyzíoné company they represent all their various shade and structure items such as awnings, umbrellas, and customizable, motorized, louvered pergolas. The StruXure pergolas are specifically built to fit your space, and are available in a myriad of finishes, with different architectural features, and have useful options such as lighting. The StruXure motorized louvered pergolas employ state-of-the-art technology to help protect you from the blazing sun or a sudden Florida downpour.

Although LYFE Outdoor Comfort Solutions provides amazing products to help you find the perfect solution to whatever is keeping you from living your fullest everyday...outdoors, it is really their people, the outdoor comfort consultants, who make it their mission to care for and assist their customers so that they can enjoy a backyard paradise all year.

As Nick Valentine, regional sales manager for the growing LYFE company states, “Most of what we do, no one else does, and we do it because we care about your comfort.” Let the professionals at LYFE Outdoor Comfort Solutions help you find, install and maintain the perfect solutions for your family’s comfort and increase the usability and aesthetics of your home’s backyard. Call them for a free estimate today at (813) 518-8352 or (727) 386-7163 and visit to see even more.