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Old World Charm at Factory-Direct Prices

Written by: Ilyne Hays

There is little else that can make a room almost instantly feel more elegant, more personal, and more beautiful than adding decorative trim and moulding to the simple plain walls and ceilings that most builders feature today. Things like shapely crown moulding, carved corbels, rustic wood beams, decorative shutters, and handsome wood planking can turn a nondescript space into your personal old-world villa or cozy rustic mountain cabin.

While genuine wood trim creates a warm and rich look, it also creates a few things that are not quite as desirable: the possibility of infestation by insects and other pests, wood rot and decomposition, the need for extra load-bearing support due to solid wood’s heavy weight, and incredibly high expense.

Fatezzi Wood, a small, family-owned and run faux wood manufacturing company located in Sanford, Florida has made it their mission to bring all the charm of custom wood trim and mouldings to you without all the issues and expense that solid wood can bring. Their faux wood products are made from a very sturdy, yet lightweight high-density polymer. They carefully make their molds from real wood which highlights the authentic textures and graining. Many of their hand-crafted products, such as wooden beams, corbels, and planking are kept in stock in several sizes, finishes and wood species. However, their fully trained and talented craftsmen and technicians greatly enjoy creating custom one-of-a-kind pieces to satisfy your specific tastes and needs. They recently completed a couple of more challenging projects that involved building the beams in massive sizes, which took careful engineering, and another that needed custom finishing in a color that had to match the existing décor. Both projects came out beautifully, thanks to the ingenuity and skill of their craftsmen.

Fatezzi Wood is an official dealer for Old Masters Gel Stain and carries a variety of stain options to create custom finishes that will help achieve the look you are pursuing. Their staff is readily available for suggestions and advice to guide your selections.
In business since 2006, Fatezzi Wood has grown its success so much that they recently retooled their manufacturing process and relocated their primary office to a new facility. As they have from the beginning, they stand fully behind their quality-crafted faux wood products, ensuring customer satisfaction