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Working Best Under Pressure in Sarasota, Florida

For more than 22 years, Under Pressure has been serving the Sarasota and surrounding areas with service that cannot be beat.

Popular among residential customers are their paver cleaning and sealing. In this process, Under Pressure will clean your entire pool deck or anywhere there are pavers. The next day, they come back and apply the sealer. What the sealer does is enhance the pavers, bring out their colors, and protect them for longevity purposes. Essentially, it’s the next best thing to getting brand new pavers. When it comes to the products they use to seal your pavers, they use a high-quality sealant which truly makes a big difference in how long it lasts and also the overall look of the finished product. Under Pressure is serious about your pavers! “We have been in business for over 22 years, so we have a lot of experience. Customer service wise, we answer our phone calls right away, or we get back to you right away. We will give you a fair price, and we are punctual,” says Under Pressure owner, Brian. Aside from residential brick pavers, Under Pressure also washes roofs, houses, driveways, pool decks, cages and gutters. To see before and after pictures and receive more information, visit their website at, and for an estimate, call (941) 322-0550.