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Windows and Doors that Ensure Peace of Mind for Every Season

If you’re thinking about replacing your old, builder’s grade windows in order to make your home look more up to date and be safer, stronger and more energy efficient year round, look no further than NewSouth Window Solutions.

They know that vinyl windows are far more energy-efficient than single-pane aluminum windows. They take this a step further by creating windows dedicated to Florida’s southern climate with capabilities that include UV blocking, sound reduction and curb appeal enhancement. What’s more, their Florida manufacturing facility provides their clients with cutting-edge technologies at factory-direct prices.
Earl Rahn, President of NewSouth Window Solutions, stated emphatically, “We have hung our hat on quality products, lifetime warranties, and high-performance, energy-efficient components. We eliminate the middleman in every level of marketing, sales, shipping and installation.”
They are able to offer this amazing guarantee because they know how well their windows are made. They work diligently to design windows that will withstand the Florida climate including thunderstorms, hurricanes and the debilitating heat that is such a big part of our weather. Through research and engineering, the Ultimate Florida Window was created. They offer window systems with both impact and non-impact options that emphasize energy efficiency in every respect, blocking up to 95% of UV rays and consequently, reducing heat transfer while allowing light transmittance. NewSouth’s windows are made so well, in fact, that they meet the strictest window manufacturing standards in Florida. Once the windows are tightly fastened into their openings, installers take it an extra step and carefully trim and seal all around each window using a 50-year silicon sealant. That window will be impervious to heat, cold, wind and water for a lifetime.
Earl emphasizes that their windows are made in Florida for Florida homes, by Florida workers, and that as Florida grows, NewSouth Window Solutions is growing with it. They recently consolidated their four manufacturing facilities into one huge,
all-encompassing compound, which includes a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, their corporate headquarters, factory showroom, engineering department, warehouse, and even their marketing department. In addition, they have been consistently opening beautiful new showrooms all over the state, with plans to open many more in order to make their products more easily accessible.
If you’re ready to invest in the finest windows for a quieter, safer and stronger home, or would like to learn more, call them today at (813) 343-0322 or visit

While Florida’s winter season is short, it’s important that when you do have your heat turned on, you aren’t warming the outside via your windows. NewSouth windows are made with uPVC material, which blocks thermal transfer, and feature dual layers of weather stripping to keep your home’s temperature stable regardless of outside weather conditions.

The saying, “April showers bring May flowers” rings true even in the Sunshine State. To avoid the stress of damage from water penetration, invest in uPVC vinyl windows. Unlike aluminum windows, in which the mitered corners of the sash and frame are adjoined with mechanically screwed joints, vinyl windows have fusion welded corners in the sashes and frames. This makes it impervious to water seepage, crucial for daily storms during Florida’s rainy season as well as major tropical storms and hurricanes which often result in massive amounts of precipitation.

Florida summers are long, hot and humid. NewSouth’s windows are specifically designed to keep Florida’s hot, torrid temperatures out and keep your air conditioning and kilowatts in, saving you money.

uPVC windows are superior for energy performance, making them a perfect choice for Florida’s endless summers. The uPVC material blocks thermal transfer, so the outside temperature is not conducted or brought to the interior. Their glass has twelve layers of Low-E coatings to block 95% of the sun’s UV rays, which will save your flooring and furnishings from fading.

Hurricane season lasts until November 30th. Impact resistant windows are built to resist the impact of flying debris, which causes much of the damage to homes during a hurricane.

NewSouth’s impact window systems are made with state-of-the-art features such as vinyl frames, double-paned glass with lamination, corrosion-resistant hardware, and dual layers of weather stripping so you can feel safe during Florida’s storm season. Thanks to these features, they exceed Miami-Dade’s high velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) standards, the most stringent in our nation.