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Stone and cement polishing and restoration services

Transformational Masters of Their Craft Restore. Shine. Glow.

Enjoy natural stone that’s flawless, free of cracks and signs of wear.

Bring dull and dingy natural stone back to life and looking like new.

By Susan Shalhoub

With Marblelife’s 30 years of restoration expertise in natural stone such as marble, granite, travertine, limestone and more, it’s easy to understand how these areas of your home can maintain their brilliance when properly maintained by their skilled experts.

Re-installation isn’t the only option! By focusing on making what’s already there look its best, homeowners gain the most from their investments, says Ryan Horton, owner of Marblelife of Tampa, a franchise that’s been here for more than 15 years. Countertops, for example – which get so much daily use – can be refurbished to remove spots, rings, scratches and chips to look as if they’ve just been installed.

“We’ve seen clients fall back in love with their kitchens,” said Ryan. Stone counters that are restored make a big difference in enhancing the space’s look and feel. “We also use a wet process to keep dust to a minimum while work is underway and detail the work area” said Ryan. “It keeps the mess under control.”

Sure footing

Marblelife’s magic extends beyond work surfaces, too.

With their proprietary processes, superior equipment and three different finish options (matte, satin or gloss), a marble floor can be made to look like new, or even changed to raise or lower the shine to a client’s desired look, said Ryan.

Over time, even tough but softer materials like marble or travertine can show damage in the form of traffic patterns from repeated daily use, or dull spots from acidic spills like juices, vinegar or drinks containing alcohol, (commonly known as etching). Most or all of this damage can be restored to look like new.

“Etching kind of looks like a water spot that you can’t clean up,” said Ryan, “but we are able to restore it by removing it from the surface area.”

Marblelife restores not only natural stone floors and counters, but anything made from natural stone. Showers, walls, fountains, pool decks and much more. They even do minor repairs on holes, grout and cracked tiles.

Don’t like the color of your old dingy grout? Marblelife offers “color-sealing.” They will seal your sanded grout with the color of your choosing, a far less expensive option than replacing all the grout on your floors.

“It gives homeowners, or in the case of some of our clients – yacht owners at the Port of Tampa – instant gratification to see their floors exactly as they want them,” said Ryan. “They are rejuvenated and like new.”