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Premier Pools of Central Florida

Todd Paldin, designer for Premier Pools of Central Florida, Inc., discusses the process of designing and building a beautiful new pool.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I first stepped into the courtyard of one of the once “flagship” homes of Baldwin Park.

My first thought as I tried to imagine the space without the mature shrubs, plants and palms that had been there for over a decade and surrounded the large concrete fountain was, WOW! What a fantastic opportunity to take this mature garden and turn it into something completely different – a re-imagined, luxury backyard oasis.

The homeowner had some vague ideas and a couple of pictures he’d found online to try to express what he wanted to achieve from an aesthetic point of view. He left it up to me to merge those ideas and pictures into a project that would enhance his property and provide an undeniable value that he could realize while enjoying his new backyard retreat. We also needed to consider eventual resale and the type of person or family who could purchase the home down the road.

Incorporating several luxury items like the raised spa, sun shelf with LED bubbler, fire bowls and water bowls in the space we had to work with, while also fulfilling the customer’s need for, “as big of a pool we can fit,” was a challenge. The final result was a collaborative effort of my design and the customer’s own style. Making sure we accounted for proper drainage in a space that had already had problems, being surrounded on four sides by concrete walls, was extensively debated then resolved. The courtyard had a 30" door for access. We removed the door, and the rear wall was cut big enough for an excavator to access and dig the pool.

Plumbing, equipment placement and coordinating efforts with the homeowner’s landscape professional throughout the process were major accomplishments. This project took an effort of global proportion within Premier as a whole. I could not be prouder of the final product. It is truly special to see a 3D virtual vision come to fruition in real life and exceed your expectations as its creator, and to have the homeowner feel the same way. I consider this project to be one of mine and Premier’s biggest accomplishments.

Visit to see what type of pool interests you, then call the professionals at Premier Pools of Central Florida at (407) 456-7405 to get started planning your perfect outdoor retreat.