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Small Backyard Pools that Make a Splash!

By Ilyne Hayes
Homes that are built on prime lots today are much closer together than ever before because the lots are smaller, and developers want to use most of that area to create a house that is grand and spacious. This can take usable square footage away from where the homeowner would like to have a pool and spa, which often results in issues when trying to design and build them.

One solution that is becoming a trend is to build a small pool. Todd Paldin, designer with Premier Pools of Central Florida (PPCF), qualifies a small pool as one that is smaller than the average 14' x 28' size. “It’s so important to build a pool that fits logistically within the property’s space. Pools must be engineered so that they are set back from the electrical pool equipment. There are also codes for property lines and how close a pool can be to the doors and windows of the house. We are very careful in our engineering and planning so that we will have no issues or code violations while making sure that the scale of the pool and deck balance with the scale of the house.”
PPCF is also careful to evaluate the access to the area where the pool will be built. With houses close together, it is often necessary to use special small-sized excavators, and even hand-dig in extremely tight situations, something most other pool builders just won’t do.
A small pool does not mean a boring or less expensive pool, however. Building a pool, no matter the size, has a minimum cost due to time, equipment and labor, and it is a misconception to think that a small pool will cost less than a standard-sized pool, especially when you add a myriad of features such as waterfalls, bubblers, colored lights, fire bowls, therapy jets, and swim systems. Overall, a small pool can do everything a large pool can do, and when you add additional features, it may end up costing just as much as a larger pool.
For some of his customers who enjoy both swimming and relaxing in their pool, but who are limited on space, Todd has designed a “spool.” A portmanteau meaning “spa pool,” a spool will usually have less than a 150 square foot surface area, and much less depth than a standard pool. When exercise is paramount for the customer, a spool can be transformed into a perfect space to meet their needs by combining a spool with a swim system. A swim system creates a strong current for the swimmer to get their exercise and can easily be built into the pool, along with heated therapy jets to relax and soothe their muscles after the workout. “It’s a really fun thing for me to design and get creative with,” Todd said. “I recently designed one that was just 15 feet long to fit into a courtyard. It had all the features of a large pool and spa: colored lights, a swim system, therapy jets, and a wall to the side with a waterfall. This high-end, luxury spool is beautiful to observe and amazing to use.”
No matter the size of your yard, Todd and the crew at Premier Pools of Central Florida will design and build a custom pool area that will satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.