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Simply Elegant

by Ilyne Hayes

Over decades, women would select a single strand of beautifully matched pearls in order to achieve an elegant but classic accoutrement to complete their ensemble. Today, discerning homeowners are finding that they can achieve this simple but classically elegant look for their pool decks with pearl marble pavers, which can be just as beautiful and elegant as those strands of pearls.

Although very rare, thus hard to come by, these pavers do so much more besides elevating the décor of the pool area. Because this marble is much more dense and less porous than its popular cousin, travertine, it is much easier to keep looking sparkling clean. While travertine has a tendency to collect dust as well as mold and mildew in its pores and has to be pressure washed frequently to keep it looking clean, the pearl marble pavers don’t hang onto the grime and moisture that can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew.
Another benefit of these rare pavers is that their density provides strength and makes them less likely to crack compared to other types of pavers or concrete decking. The creamy white colors of the marble are also resistant to fading, and the light color tends to reflect the sunlight, so that it stays cooler to the feet. While the sleekness of the marble may look as though the deck would be precariously slippery, it has been professionally tested and is certified to meet all commercial traction standards. The designers and architects of luxury and boutique hotels have been confidently specifying pearl marble pavers when they want to create a look of timeless elegance.
Bart O’Connell, owner of Landmark Pools, believes that pearl marble pavers truly encapsulate the look that many of his South Tampa and Davis Island clients crave for their pool area. He explains, “It’s sleek, timeless, elegant, and contemporary and really complements the architecture of their homes.” The caveat he provides to his clients, though, is the rarity of this stone, so it may extend the completion time of their new deck.
Landmark Pools’ delighted customers will tell you that the end result makes it well worth the wait. Whether building new or remodeling, Landmark Pools will create a design to fit your space, your budget, and your dreams. A visit to their website at has stunning photographs of their installations. You can contact them via email at or call them at (813) 792-1331.