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See and Feel the Difference with Window Film

By Jill Cousins
As vice president and sales manager of Advanced Film Solutions, Inc., Adam Feldman knows what most people envision when they hear the words “window film.” They think about that cheap-looking purple bubbly stuff on the windows of beat-up old cars. But in reality, high-quality window film is an amazingly versatile product that can transform your home in so many remarkable ways.

As winners of the Window Film Magazine 2015 and 2018 Southeast Dealer of the Year Award and the 2020 U.S. Dealer of the Year Award, Adam and the folks at Advanced Film Solutions are especially qualified to help you discover the wonderful world of window film.

“Window film is the best product you’ve never heard of,” said Adam, who co-founded Advanced Film Solutions with his parents, Mike and Michele, in 2007. “Most people know that car tinting will keep the inside of their vehicles cooler and more comfortable, but it doesn’t register that window film can do the same thing for their homes.”

Advanced Film Solutions is changing that perception. Word is getting out about the benefits of applying one of its many varieties of top-of-the-line window film treatments to the windows of residential or commercial properties. Among those benefits: lower energy bills; reduced glare, fading and dust; and increased safety, security and privacy. Advanced Film Solutions also sells decorative opaque window film to add to your home’s beauty and décor. The possibilities are endless!

Instead of paying thousands of dollars for new dual-pane windows or fancy window treatments, you can reap many of the same benefits for a fraction of the cost with window film. Advanced Film Solutions’ products also come with a transferable lifetime warranty.

“People have no idea this one product does so many things,” said Adam.

No one is better suited to help you discover all the wonders of window film than Adam and his family. Mike Feldman spent 33 years working for the 3M Company, ultimately becoming national sales manager of its Window Film Division. The family moved to Florida from New Jersey in the early 1990s, when Adam was seven years old, and he recalls countless drives in the family car where window film was the main topic of conversation, while listening to their favorite singers on the radio.

“It was George Michael, Elton John, Billy Joel and window film,” Adam recalled, with a smile. “I got involved with window film super early.”

Adam said the window film bug bit him after he worked his first summer job at age 16 at a large window film company, and a few years later, the family decided to open Advanced Film Solutions. Mike’s experience and expertise enabled the company to pick only the finest products and installers to provide the very best for its thousands of satisfied customers.

To find out how window film can transform your home or business, call (813) 200-4558 for a free quote or visit for more information.