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Safer Home Services Detecting Termites

Professionally Curing What Bugs You

Here in Florida, we’ve got them all – ants, roaches, spiders. People don’t want to live with pests in their homes,” says Jim Swayne, president of Safer Home Services, based in Clearwater, Florida.

By Susan Shalhoub

And don’t forget the ultimate damage-doer: Termites, which Jim points out are in every state except Alaska.

These bug problems are where his company comes in – with their unique approach and Once-A-Year Pest Control.

Gone are the days of housewives being home during the workday to let in pest-control technicians. That’s when quarterly pesticide applications eventually became popular in the industry. But Safer Home Services took it a step further in the early 1980s.

“We do 10 different steps, inside and outside the house, and it’s all once a year,” Jim said. “There are no exposed products, no odor, and clients can count on the fact that there will be no bugs for a whole year. Our procedure is very safe and very effective.”

One and done

A visit from a certified Safer Home Services technician also means convenience. Technicians spend about 90 minutes to two hours in an average-sized home, which takes care of whichever pest plague that residence may have for the next 12 months. There are no multiple service appointments, no endless confirmation emails, no visit dates and times to juggle throughout the year (never mind encroaching on your valuable time).

But back to the issue of termites.

Safer Home Services technicians’ expertise is especially necessary when it comes to termites. Jim says that even with block homes in Florida, a lot of wood is used – up to 10,000 pounds – and termites are still a risk.

“Some of the myths out there among homeowners are that if they buy a new home, they don’t have to worry about termites, but that’s just not true,” said Jim. “Newly constructed homes may have termite inspections, but those only include areas that are visible – commonly about 30% of the structure. You can’t see under the insulation in the attic, for example,” said Jim. Meanwhile, Subterranean termites can do so much damage that they eat wood right up to the paint.

Termites, bar none, also cause homeowners the most financial damage, said Jim, and it pays to have a company like Safer Home Services in your corner.

With their technicians armed with high-technology termite radar, and a best-in-the-business Subterranean Termite Warranty covering up to $500,000 in damage (including contents of the home), Safer Home Services is a pest-control partner that protects what is likely your largest investment.