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Knowledge Equals Powerfully Designed Pool Decks

By Ilyne Hayes
For almost 20 years, Odail Rodriguez and his partner, Edson Bessa, the owners of Paving Crew, have been raising the bar on the quality and uniqueness of custom-designed pool decks for Sarasota area homes.

“Edson and I have worked for decades in this business, starting at the bottom and working our way up, and we have learned all there is to know about remodeling pool decks,” Odail, who answers to “JR” stated, “and we have trained our in-house crew with that knowledge.”
An important part of that knowledge is knowing what type of surface will be best to use for each homeowner’s unique tastes and needs. Besides locally manufactured brick pavers in a variety of colors and sizes, Paving Crew offers several types of natural stone which they directly import from Turkey. By personally selecting and importing these natural stones, they can offer a more exclusive look and design for their clients’ pool decks at a more affordable price than other companies who buy their stone through a third party. The range of tones and textures in the travertine and limestone, along with the beautiful striations of colors in the marble, is inspiring, leading their designers to create a deck that is as unique as each client’s home.
Why choose natural stone over the ubiquitous brick pavers? “It doesn’t fade, it doesn’t absorb the heat, it is easier maintenance, and the stones are larger, so you have fewer gaps, giving you a look that is more unified.” JR explained.
Natural stone generally has a smoother surface and is less porous than brick pavers, which makes it easier on bare feet and a breeze to clean with a simple hosing down.
The knowledge that JR and Edson gained over the years led them to develop a better pool deck drain system, which they employ for all of their jobs, at no extra cost to their customers. Most companies use a linear drain, which creates an unsightly seam all across the pool deck and easily becomes clogged and ineffective until it is painstakingly cleaned. The Paving Crew partners came up with a solution and developed the box drain system. These 6" square box drains, which are less likely to clog, are placed about six feet apart and seamlessly meld into the design of the decking.
Their years of working in the industry also led JR and Edson to create a better way for the homeowner to shop for their new deck. They rightfully felt that it was difficult for most homeowners to visualize their pool area by just looking at a small sample, so they became the first paver company in Southwest Florida to create an actual showroom, complete with many vignettes of different stones and pavers. Their customers can see and feel the many possibilities of what their deck can become. The vignettes at their showroom also show ideas for customizing your patio’s outdoor kitchen and dressing up your patio and pool deck areas with custom stone walls, fire pits, and handsome pergolas.
Another bit of knowledge that Paving Crew can impart: A fresh new custom-designed pool deck installed by a fully licensed and insured company with decades of experience will not only increase the value of your home, but more importantly, it will bring you and your family years of beauty and enjoyment.