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Installing window film

Florida’s #1 Window Film Company

Most of our customers are not looking for window film,” Adam Feldman, VP of Advanced Film Solutions, explained, “they are looking for what window film does.”

by Ilyne Hayes

Most of our customers are not looking for window film,” Adam Feldman, VP of Advanced Film Solutions, explained, “they are looking for what window film does.”

While the majority of Advanced Film Solutions’ customers are seeking help from the sun’s glare and the cooling loss that makes their electric bills soar, there is a world of options that most people would not even think about with window film. Problems with the fading of furniture and wooden floors, protection against the shattering of glass from impact, privacy from passersby, and adding decorative elements to an otherwise boring window, are just a few of the many situations that homeowners face and that Advanced Film Solutions can solve.

“There are problems you have that we can fix,” Adam said. “Half of your energy bill in Florida is from cooling costs. Window film is the single least expensive thing you can do for your house, with the fastest return on investment of any energy-saving products you can buy. As we are putting window film on, you can watch your thermostat dropping degrees. If we can block just 50% of the heat coming through your windows, it will immediately drop your energy bill 15 to 25%, depending on what other factors are contributing to it.”

Their maintenance-free window films come in different hues, thicknesses and opacities, and some are available with special features that let you use your glass as a dry-erase board, a magnet board, or a cloaking device to keep your computer screen safe from prying eyes. For those who want a completely clear view of the outdoors but still need some protection from the invasive sunlight, Advanced Film Solutions offers a film that is so invisible that the glass appears to have nothing on it, yet it still blocks 42% of the heat and 99.9% of the UV rays that can be responsible for fading your belongings.

Decorative film is a great solution for a window that looks out to a boring view (like your neighbor’s fence), but where some color or pattern could enhance a room’s décor. Adam developed the Architectural Designer Film and Branding division for Advanced Film Solutions, which designs custom graphics. Now you can have what appears to be frosted etched glass or Tiffany-inspired leaded glass at a small fraction of the cost of the real thing, and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference unless you touched it. “On clear film, we can print a photograph that you have taken, and you’ll have a beautiful, giant piece of art that can be the focal point of your wall,” Adam stated. They recently installed a custom graphic in the launch elevator at Kennedy Space Center. It depicts a space capsule that has splashed down with a recovery ship approaching. “The last thing that the astronauts see on earth before the launch, will be the first thing they see when they get back,” Adam declared, adding, “we don’t sell window film, we sell solutions.”