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Custom-Designed for What You Have in Mind

By Ilyne Hayes
This property on Lake Maitland sat waiting for someone with a true love of nature to buy it and make it their permanent home.

Architects and designers were brought in to listen to the buyer’s desires for this unique property that was lakefront on two sides. The buyers knew that they wanted the lake to be the main focal point. They planned with their builders to create a spacious, symmetrical house whose “U” shape created a large center courtyard that opened to a vista of grand cypress trees and the serene lake.
Once the house construction was well underway, Matthew Bauchle, designer with Premier Pools of Central Florida (PPCF), was brought in to lend his expertise for their pool area.
“The homeowners wanted the pool to be a visual conduit to the lake. Their intention was that when someone stepped through the front door, their eye would be drawn out to the pool, and the pool would extend their sight directly into the picturesque water beyond,” Matthew stated. Creating an infinity edge on the far side of the 16' x 34' pool would help to visually tie the pool to the lake.
“Deciding on the best size for the pool took some discussion, too,” said Matthew. “They wanted it large enough so that the pool wouldn’t look diminutive against the size of the house, but not so large as to take away from the entertaining area around the pool, which would be used as an extension of their indoor living space.”
The clients also asked for a large spa, and Matthew suggested that it be built to sit 12" above the pool and become a secondary focal point. He added infinity edges around the spa and centered it right off the master bedroom suite.
To complete the desired illusion of merging the pool with the lake, dark blue glass tile, which closely emulated the coloring of the lake, gave the pool’s water a very natural appearance.
For evening swims and entertainment, several colored LED lights were installed in the pool and spa. These lights, along with all of the other pool functions, are remotely controlled with an app on their phone. Although PPCF normally recommends Hayward® AquaConnect systems, the customer was already familiar with the Jandy® iAqualink system, and Matthew was happy to honor their preferences.
The sand-blasted silver travertine deck, patterned with green turf inlay, leads from the house to the entrance into the pool. Instead of standard pool steps, Matthew designed three 18" deep steps that span the pool’s width, making an elegant entrance, but also a cool and comfortable spot for lounging.
Due to the fact that the homeowners wanted the lake to take the main stage, screening-in the pool to make it easier to maintain was not an option, so PPCF installed a Paramount MDX main drain in the basin. This powerful system is able to collect debris from the water, including the big leaves that fall from nearby cypress trees. The debris then gets sucked down into the main drain for easier cleaning. “It’s the best system for hands-free cleaning in an open-air pool as there can be,” Matthew explained.
Thanks to Premier Pools of Central Florida’s expertise, these new homeowners had their wishes fulfilled for a classically designed, easily maintained pool area that focused on the beauty of the lake. Visit to see what type of pool interests you, then call the professionals at (407) 456-7405 to get started planning your perfect outdoor retreat.