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All the Comfort You’ll Need Under One Roof

Wintertime in Florida is a great time to be outdoors. The heat and humidity are generally replaced with cooler breezes and drier air.

by Ilyne Hayes

What could be better than doing your holiday entertaining on your lanai, where you can spread out and enjoy what nature has to offer, instead of having everyone crowding together indoors?

Unfortunately, sometimes what nature has to offer can be things like a sudden rain shower, strong glare from the sun, pesky flying insects, or a quick drop in temperature that could send everyone scurrying inside.

LYFE Outdoor Comfort Solutions, which started out as A-NIKS Mosquito Control Systems almost 20 years ago, grew to incorporate solutions for just about anything that would prevent you from Living Your Fullest Everyday...Outdoors.

Al and Debbie Erturk created their business out of their desire to allow their young daughter the freedom to run and play outside without coming home with the enormous welts and other highly allergic reactions she got from mosquito bites. With a lot of research, ingenuity, and hard work, they developed A-NIKS (Automatic Natural Insect Killing System). These discreet devices, that can be hidden amongst your landscaping or along your fencing, are custom designed to create a barrier that keeps mosquitoes and other flying insects from invading your yard, and to have the least amount of intrusiveness when your family is outdoors.

After years of success with A-NIKS, the Erturks decided to tackle other problems that kept people from enjoying everything that Florida outdoor living provides. From this idea, they expanded their business and re-branded as LYFE, keeping the A-NIKS name for the pest control, while adding other divisions under the LYFE brand.

To protect your family and guests from the sun’s glare and sudden showers that are so frequent during most months of the year, retractable screens, awnings and roof systems were added to their lines, along with Struxure, an amazing and architecturally attractive smart pergola system.  All of LYFE’s shade and structure devices are now part of the Vyzíoné division.

Although Florida’s climate is pretty wonderful for most of the year, outdoor living can get uncomfortable when the temperatures climb too high or drop too low for what we are accustomed. LYFE offers several types of patio heaters and cooling systems that can be customized to keep your outdoor space at an enjoyable temperature. Their outdoor heating and cooling systems fall under their newly named Ventizio brand.

LYFE also provides expert advice to help you find the right solutions for your home, as well as professional installation.

“We are your one-stop shop for outdoor environment comfort solutions,” explained Debbie Erturk. “No other company does all of what we do under one roof. Whatever drives you inside, we have an option to handle it.”   

With flying insect protection, sunlight control, protection from the rain and uncomfortable temperatures, all that’s left is to enjoy your beautiful and very comfortable outdoor living space, and to Live Your Fullest Everyday...outdoors.