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As a first time advertiser with Florida Home magazine winter issue 2021, I’m blown away!  Over the last five years that I have been with Abby Iron Doors we have advertised with magazines, postcards, flyers, etc.  When I stumbled upon Florida Home magazine I was actually looking for The Home Mag, however after talking to Kari we thought, let’s give it a try.  Honestly I thought if we sold three to four doors it would be worth it.  I was shocked at how worth it this was!  We have been on the cover with other magazines in the past without this much of a response!  Now, two weeks from the first call and about ten sales later we have signed on for Sarasota, Tampa, and Orlando for all of 2022 and excited to have covers in each market.  The magazine is high quality, Kari is wonderful and clients are closing.  I can definitely see why her clients are long term!