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Overcoming any Obstacle

Doing Deep Dives into Dream Projects

You don’t get named a “Best of Orlando” Pool Builder by Orlando Magazine in 2020, 2021 and 2022 for no reason at all. Premier Pools of Central Florida, Inc. (PPCF) has been at it for nearly three decades and excels at creating backyard paradises for their clientele. Using 3D technology, homeowners’ dreams can be converted into sweet visions right before their eyes – a preview of the reality to come.

By Susan Shalhoub

            After all, pools and Florida go hand in hand, says PPCF’s Designer Scott Richardson. “It’s a must-have lifestyle feature; everyone wants that lifestyle. Some have a community pool or go to a park to satisfy that. Florida is built around water, lakes and pools,” he said. “Pools represent what Florida is all about.”

            Overcoming any obstacle

            As a member of the Better Business Bureau, Scott tells of PPCF’s perseverance and diligence on a project in Celebration. There were challenges with the underground soil conditions at the location of where the new pool was to be installed. To ensure that the ground was stable for the project, a complex underground piling system was installed to stabilize the ground for the new pool, and this system went down 28 feet.

            So, what started as a mucky mess turned into a sturdy base for an elaborate, elegant recreational space with Grecian flair – that included places for flames to light up the night. Their reflective flicker now sets off a tone of elegance and drama on the water below.

            The backyard pool, which backs up to a natural water feature with decorative fencing, now has stone urns on either end, fire and water bowls, a curved waterfall and small fountains. The homeowners weighed in on all design choices to find features that would fit their lifestyle.

            “We also added a putting green area attached to the yard,” Scott said – an amenity highly requested by clients.

            Waterfall upgrades, fire and water bowls, slides and grottos, faux rock and real rock are a few more of the options that PPCF designs to help homeowners express themselves in a relaxation spot all their own. Their goal is to capture the homeowner’s vision for a backyard retreat. They accomplish that in a hundred different ways, which makes designing each project so exciting. 

            At the end of the day, this project turned out stunningly and captured the complete vision of the homeowner while at the same time providing a structurally stable groundwork for the pool to be built upon. Premier Pools of Central Florida delivers beautifully, even when working with trying terrain.

            Visit to see what type of pool interests you, then call the professionals at Premier Pools of Central Florida at (407) 456-7405 to get started planning your perfect outdoor retre