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EMPIRE Turf is Zoysia grass which is all around a better lawn than St. Augustine. It’s softer, greener, denser, More durable, And far more inviting to play on! Discover for yourself why everyone in Florida who has opted for EMPIRE Zoysia loves their decision!

Go ahead! Look closely. Floratam St. Augustine is an effective ground cover, but this is your lawn, not just a patch next to a commercial building or roadside.

Don’t you and your family deserve a lawn that looks great, feels inviting and plays comfortably? The choice is clear…it’s EMPIRE Zoysia all the way. That is, unless, you prefer scratchy, less inviting and less drought resistant.

Go ahead, elevate to EMPIRE Zoysia!

New Empire Turf Premium Zoysia Florida Grass is Softer and More Drought Resistant and Better Than Your Typical St Augustine Grass


13 Dec
Easy Living in the Sunshine – Florida’s Top Choice for Low-Maintenance Lawns

Imagine a lawn that seems to be the perfect cure-all for Florida’s grass-growing challenges: Drought; disease; wear and tear; shade; and injury.

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26 Jul
Empire Zoysia Takes on LVN

The summer season is here and with it comes daydreams of cookouts, swimming in the pool, playing in the sprinkler with kids or playing catch with your favorite furry friends.

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13 Sep
EMPIRE Zoysia Fall Maintenance and Winter Preparation

Many of us look forward to the fall season for its cooler temperatures and festivities after a long, hot summer. After all, who doesn’t love the plethora of pumpkin flavored food and drinks?

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