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Window Treatments Win Sisters’ Seal of Approval

Window Treatments Win Sisters’ Seal of Approval

After working with big brands in the past, Neena and Pree Patel were searching for a new company to head their double-home makeover—preferably one that had not only a personal touch, but an unbeatable eye for detail as well. What’s more, when it came to their window treatments, the Patel sisters wanted something different. They got in touch with Artistic Windows after asking around for a company that could fit the bill.
Reflecting on her first meeting with Artistic Windows’ owner Scott Sowder, Neena recalls, “The way he showed me all of his books and his interest in the possibilities of what he could do made me not even go to anybody else.” Pree adds that, “We’ve never had such a nice experience. As soon as he showed us the fabrics and samples, we knew right away that this was our guy. With that level of interest, which he showed right away, we didn’t have the need to look for anyone else.” And so began the projects, during which Artistic Windows showed the Patel sisters how they work closely with clients to deliver beautiful, custom window treatments in a seamless process.
An example of that seamlessness comes from Neena, who was taken aback by the selection of samples Scott showed her: “I had just told him that I like contemporary designs, so he brought color and fabric samples. He kept opening one book after another and I just said ‘Wow! This is exactly what I like.’ It was so easy.” Pree attributes Scott’s ability to smooth out the design process to his receptive nature: “He picked up on each of our tastes just after seeing our décor and having a brief conversation.” Scott’s ability to narrow down searches by selecting samples that are sure to align with his clients’ styles allows for decisions to be made effectively and productively. While this does cut time down by a fraction, Pree assures that he doesn’t rush: “He let us take our time deciding, and he was very patient.”
Six months later, both of the Patel sisters’ homes have had Artistic Windows’ finishing touches, from the bathrooms and bedrooms to the living rooms and beyond. “He was very meticulous, clean, punctual and courteous,” Neena muses, appreciating how Scott’s eye for design brought success to both homes’ makeovers, each of them coming together as complete and cohesive works of art.
Pree describes Scott’s defining characteristic, that which drives Artistic Windows’ success: passion. “He takes such pride in his work. He delivers what is promised and doesn’t disappoint.” Neena agrees, summing up her confidence and satisfaction with the company by saying that, “If I had to do a home again, I’d ask Scott to surprise me, and I know I would not be disappointed. I think that’s very special, to be able to give a company permission to do whatever they wish and know I’ll get what I want.”
For Florida Home readers undertaking window treatment projects, the Patel sisters have a few words of advice: “Just leave the whole project to Scott.” If you’d like to take them up on their recommendation, you can find out more about Artistic Windows by visiting them on the Web at You can also call (813) 835-8805 to arrange an in-home consultation today.